Spotlight: FCEA Social Media Coordinator Sherri Ahern


Sherri Ahern 2

Sherri Ahern

FCEA Social Media Coordinator

Sherri Ahern is a doctoral student of Higher Education at Florida International University in Miami. She has her master’s degree in English Literature, with a concentration on identity studies, Shakespeare, and Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein. Sherri has now moved into the field of higher education to study policy surrounding collegiate recovery for students with substance use disorders.


When did you first become a member of FCEA?

I joined between 2015 and 2018.

Why did you join FCEA? How has membership in this organization had an impact on you and/or your career?

I joined because I presented at the 2018 FCEA conference. I was able to present at the 2019 conference as well. As a Ph.D. student, professional affiliations and presentations are important to me, so FCEA has helped me with that.

What do you do for FCEA as our social media coordinator?

I keep the FCEA social media pages up to date.

What would you like FCEA Members to know about how your position on the Board impacts them and their membership?

We would love to hear from and connect with our members, so hopefully our social media pages make FCEA accessible to all.

How long have you been on the FCEA board?

Since 2020.

Why did you decide to become a FCEA Board Member?

I am a college student and a college instructor, and I have enjoyed two great FCEA conferences already, so I thought that I would be able to help out!

What are the benefits of being on the FCEA Board?

Connecting with other people who love what FCEA stands for, and being able to collaborate with other like-minded members.

What advice do you have for anyone who might be thinking about becoming an FCEA Board Member?

Reach out and talk to the current members; we are all happy to help guide you!

Is there anything else you’d like to share?

The current and past FCEA board of directors have done an amazing job so far. Let’s keep going!

Sherri Ahern

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