Spotlight: Camille Vilela-Jones

FCEA: Graduate Student Liaison

Camille Vilela-Jones is a Brazilian PhD student in Literature at Florida State University who focuses on 20th Century British Modernism. A Fulbright scholar, Camille has earned her MA from Texas Tech University in Applied Linguistics. She’s currently writing her dissertation on an analysis of the Brazilian translations of the novel Ulysses by James Joyce.

When did you first become a member of FCEA?

In 2019.

What do you do for FCEA as our graduate liaison?

I communicate with graduate students to promote FCEA and its conference across Florida.

What would you like FCEA Members to know about how your position on the Board impacts them and their membership?

I bring the perspective of a graduate student and make sure their voices are heard in the board

Why did you decide to become a FCEA Board Member?

I felt welcomed at FCEA and its lack of grad students called my attention. I’m working hard to change this reality

What are the benefits of being on the FCEA Board?

By being a member of the board I learn a lot about how an organization like FCEA works and how a conference can be organized. I’ve already put that knowledge into use at Florida State University, where I’m organizing a grad student conference alongside other grad students.

Is there anything else you’d like to share?

I’m thankful for being welcomed in this organization and for the camaraderie I’ve been treated with from my first conference with FCEA till this day. Thank you, FCEA.

Published by Florida College English Association

The Florida College English Association (FCEA) is a regional affiliate of the College English Association (CEA). This organization provides a forum for exploring the professional concerns of teachers of college English and related subjects while also providing an official voice for FCEA members to make their views known on issues of professional concern.

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